Organic Angels

Since 2004, Organic Angels have worked on stratas, private residence and with large small landscape companies to design eco-friendly green-spaces. We also provide relevant and essential information on organic products and methods.

Organic Angels offer services and information to assist in areas of maintenance, design, and transitioning to organic practices. We hope people interested in organic land-care will find this website helpful.

The Owner

Rochelle La Vieille-Cooke, Organic Master Gardener, is a graduate of UBC Garden Designer program and holds a diploma in Horticulture Technologies. Her garden experience includes residential and strata maintenance design in addition to educating her clients in organic methods. She has been a member of SOUL (society for Organic Urban Land Care) since 2006.

Coming Soon

In the future we will be launching our video series for people looking for guidance in gardening projects such as setting up a patio vegetable garden, how to build a compost bin, pruning techniques and other ‘How To’ topics.

We look forward to sharing organic garden techniques and product in our future Organic Blog. People will have an opportunity to read related articles on organic gardening and respond back with questions and comments.